Advanced Manufacturing Software

Final Phase Systems has developed a suite of software to help everyone in the organization stay more informed and make better decisions. Our applications provide a user-friendly web-based interface that is available anywhere on the company network, on any device that is connected to the company’s VPN, including smart phones and tablets. We put valuable real-time data at your fingertips so you can respond to issues quickly and communicate effectively.


Facility Scheduler Area Scheduler Factory Dashboard Capacity Model
Cycle Time Analyzer Equipment Performance Maintenance Dashboard FPS Data Warehouse

Manufacturing Consulting Services

Our group of experienced consultants combines industrial engineering and advanced process control concepts with innovative programming techniques to develop solutions designed specifically for your company. We can help you connect disconnected systems, streamline your business processes, and display information in innovative ways that help employees make better decisions. Everything is aimed at optimizing your company’s performance to improve a variety of metrics including cycle time, equipment throughput and utilization, line and sort yield, and human productivity. The ultimate result is a reduction in manufacturing costs and an increase in on-time deliveries, leading to a more profitable business.

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