Automation Logic


We can analyze and develop advanced automation logic for any facility from manual to fully-automated. Our techniques will make your systems more efficient and cost effective.

The consultants of FPS have a long history of work with realtime automation control logic.

  • Designed, developed, deployed, and maintained what we believe to be the first intelligent Where Next rule in a semiconductor facility.
  • Designed, developed, and deployed a semi-automated system that directs operators to move carriers to/from tools as needed.
  • Designed and deployed the carrier automation logic for a new 300mm fully automated facility.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented logic to support fully automated reticle dispatch and delivery for a new 300mm fully automated facility.

We work with facilities at all levels of automation.

  • No automation: Show operators where to move carriers
  • Interbay automation only: Determine Where Next for stocker moves and show operators where to move carriers within the bay
  • Full automation: Determine Where Next for carriers and reticles
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