Area Scheduler

In a manufacturing environment as complex as the semiconductor industry, dispatching rules are often not adequate to properly allocate material to the right resource. Our scheduling engine is designed with custom heuristic algorithms to handle resource scheduling in an environment with extremely complex business rules. 


For small fabs, primarily focused on research, a single Area Scheduler may be powerful enough to schedule all the WIP in the facility. However, for most high volue fabs, we need to have a group of schedulers working together. Our Area Schedulers are able to take input from the Facility Scheduler and a range of other inputs which are configured, tested, and set by management. Our Factory Scheduler and Area Schedulers all talk with each other to optimize the next 12 hours scheduler for any lot in the fab. Which means you are able to see where a given lot will process, based on real time tool status, recipe qualifications, and lot status, over the next 12 hours. If you'd like more detailed information please see our Product Brochure.



Download our product brochure for the Area Scheduler. Real-time animation for testing and demonstrating schedule execution

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