Cycle Time Analyzer

Cycle time is a key metric used in manufacturing and it is important to understand the factors that contribute to delays in getting products to the customer. Our Cycle Time Analyzer software provides a full breakdown of cycle time into its components. High-level summaries allow you to see the big picture and drill down to see the details. See some of the highlights below or contact us to see a working demo.



  • Easy to navigate cycle time website can be made available to anyone on the company intranet.
  • The individual components of cycle time (queue time, process time, post process time) are broken down visually.
  • Components of cycle time can be compared by product, by module, or by step within the product flow.
  • Charts showing average WIP levels allow you to see the interactions between WIP and cycle time.
  • Plan cycle time can be compared to actuals or edited directly from the site.

The Need for Accurate Cycle Time Data

Cycle time information is a key part of planning and critical decision making
  • Dispatch Rules – Arrival time prediction and optimal lot sequencing at an operation. Required for lot scheduling.
  • IE Analysis – Each IE investigation of tool performance or time study needs to be stored and existing CT values should be validated. Extra detail can be stored breaking out an operation time into more segments, adding maximum batch sizes and other critical info.
  • Reports – CT performance reports can compare against planned or calculated benchmark CT.
  • Planning – Wafer shipments and arrivals utilize cycle time data to predict bank levels, estimate priority lot movement, etc.
  • Capacity Analysis – Lot sequencing critical to capacity estimation.
  • Simulation – If we decided in the future to do simulation, the foundation would exist to build a model.


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