Facility Scheduler

In any manufacturing process, it is important to set achievable production goals to drive efforts in a direction that meets the customer demands and at the same time keeps the line in balance. Our Facility Scheduler is designed to translate customer demand into shift production goals.

The Line Balancer is a key portion of our Factory Scheduler application. It reviews the current fab wide WIP levels and compares them to an ideal modeled state.  It determines the correct amount of WIP to move at each operation supported by a re-entrant tool.  This helps address WIP bubbles by reducing the size of them by limiting incorrect moves and by reducing the time to consume them correctly.  It also integrates with our Area Schedulers and provides them their respective goal targets.  This can dramatically reduce your WIP levels. improve fab linearity and OTD.

Factory Scheduler provides a regularly updated list of material that must be run to meet on time delievery. The above image is one of the ways we are able to track compliaince to the schedule. Using this as part of your shiftly, daily, and weekly planning and operations meetings is a powerful way to change behavior within your fab to achieve results.

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