Maintenance Dashboard

In a factory with a large set of machines to maintain, you need a system to help you keep track of critical repairs and complex maintenance schedules. Our Maintenance Dashboard displays the relevant information on a website so that you can focus on the top issues and drill down to see the details. 


FPS Equipment Dashboard is a unique blend of equipment current status, as seen above on the left, historical performance, and upcoming maintenance. Equipment Dashboard, Operations Dashboard, and Area Schedulers working together allow Operations and Maintenance to plan their days to prevent loss productivity for prioirty material while ensuring necessary qualification activities and PMs are performed in a timely fashion optimizing the movement of WIP. For Equipment owners, the Equipment Dashboard is an invaluable tool, as we pull in data from your equipment management systems and combine that information with production activities. This provides the best estimates for when a counter based PM will occur, including time windows for when to expect the PM to become due, to enable planning and scheduling to meet all of your equipment needs.Finally the Tool State History tool, provides excellent data on how well your equipment teams are performing.

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