Dispatching and Scheduling

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Traditional dispatching rules only allow for sorting and prioritizing of material and fall short in complex and fully-automated environments. Dispatching rules only determine what can run next on each group of tools, whereas our scheduling algorithms allow us to plan for when and where current and future material will run.

Scheduling vs Dispatching

Our Scheduling Methods

All tool types could derive some benefit from schedulers over even the best dispatching rules, but the benefit is greatest for Diffusion, Lithography, and Sort. The scheduling algorithms are written specifically for each tool type but they all use the same framework.

  • A Diffusion Scheduler manages sink-furnace batch sequences especially with queue time requirements. First it must organize lots into batches and decide whether partial batches should wait for more lots to arrive. Then it schedules the batch on the sinks and furnaces.
  • A Lithography Scheduler is ideal to manage reticles and integrate the scheduling of both reticles and lots to tools.
  • A Sort Scheduler is similar to Litho scheduler to manage probe cards and integrate the scheduling of both probe cards and lots to tools.

The dispatch rules are then integrated with the output of the schedulers to ensure that lots arrive to the next scheduled tool before the scheduled start time.

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